Children’s Mental Health Coalition expresses concern at closure of Waterford Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services to new referrals

The Children’s Mental Health Coalition (CMHC) has learned that Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) in the Waterford area are no longer accepting new referrals.

Shari McDaid, Chairperson of the Children’s Mental Health Coalition and Director of Mental Health Reform, said: “We understand that this closure is due to the failure to fill a vacant Consultant Psychiatrist post. In October 2014, Mental Health Reform raised concerns to the Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children about the potential negative impact of difficulties in recruiting and retaining professionals for mental health services. While this risk has been flagged for some time, we are now seeing the closure of a service due to inability to attract suitably qualified staff.”

“The Minister of State for Primary and Social Care and the Minister for Health urgently need to review their policy on staff terms and conditions in order to ensure that vital services are adequately staffed. As of December 2014, community CAMHS teams had just over half (51.6%) of the staff they needed and there is no doubt that these gaps in services will be putting a strain on the families of children with specific mental health needs”, Ms McDaid concluded.

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