Children’s mental health and Budget 2016

As Chair of the Children’s Mental Health Coalition, Mental Health Reform has included specific recommendations on children’s mental health in our campaign on Budget 2016.

In our pre-budget submission to Government, we include the following recommendations:

1. Allocation of an additional €35 million for community mental health services in 2016, to be used in part to ensure:

Staffing levels recommended in A Vision for Change are met

A particular focus on staffing for child and adolescent mental health services

Capacity is built within perinatal and infant health services to enable professionals to support the social and emotional development of children in their early years

2. The Department of Education should provide funding to support the implementation of the national guidelines on mental health promotion and well-being for both primary and post primary schools:

Funding could be used to provide basic training for all primary and post primary school teachers so that they can identify children/adolescents at risk of developing a mental health difficulty and promote the mental health and well-being of children in line with the ‘whole school approach’

3. Continue to invest in family supports and parenting programmes, including the Triple P Programme

You can read more about Mental Health Reform’s submission here.

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