We are looking for your views on how to make mental health for young people a priority in Ireland. To date, 35 groups and organisations have joined forces, at the invitation of Amnesty International Ireland and the Children’s Rights Alliance, to create a coalition that will focus on children and young people under 18 years. Mental health is about a sense of well-being, control over your own life and the ability to realise your own potential. Mental health is also a human rights issue.

Today in Ireland there are significant problems with the type of support available for young people in addressing mental health needs. Services and supports are not widely available, and often young people don’t know where to go when they need help. In 2009 155 children were admitted to adult inpatient units. In schools there is very little focus in the curriculum on good mental health and little encouragement to talk openly about mental health concerns. Often families don’t know how to support young people because there is so little information about where to find help.

Over the next two years we will be lobbying the Government to improve its approach to young people’s mental health. We have a number of specific goals, and would like your views on whether we have addressed the issues that are important to you. (Remember, we need to be able to achieve this from the Government within a two year period!)



  • " I think it'd be important to send a leaflet with the directory of services and supports which are available "
  • "Teaching children how to look after their mental health should be standardised but it should really be a practical one as opposed to a book form like in CSPE "
  • "Parents should be told more about mental health issues"